Working efficiently on your Desktop, Laptop and Phone

Although I may be lucky enough to work from home, I don’t always find myself working on the same device. The majority of the time I’ll work on my desktop, sometimes I want to move around and therefore work on my laptop. Other times I might be out of the house and when a client notifies me of an urgent issue I need to be able to respond immediately using my phone.

This means that I need a development interface, my client files and my passwords on every device. Further, I need everything to be synced up so if I start development on one device, I can finish it on another.

First up is the development interface. I required a way to code without my workflow being interrupted whenever I switched devices. When I researched the best solution I came across many services and tested them all. Some of the features that I looked for were syntax highlighting, integrated FTP with the ability to save server information, SSH functionality and accessibility on all my devices. I came across and decided to give it a go. They promised all of the features I was looking for, while having a very sleek looking interface.


I signed up for their free plan, which is limited to 3 saved FTP servers, no SFTP or HTTPS and 60mb of bandwidth. Once I started using it for a few projects, I knew that it was perfect. The interface was a delight to use, it was highly customizable even down to the syntax highlighting, and they even had a feature packed Android app that made serious coding on my phone a real possibility. I immediately signed up for their $5/month premium plan which gave me unlimited FTP serversĀ and all the bandwidth I could use.


I now have all of my clients’ servers saved and ready to access. I can open the interface on whichever device I’m on and it will restore the last session so I can pick up where I left off. This means that I can easily access and work on any of my clients’ websites no matter where I am. Since testing and finding a good solution, my productivity has been improved and the effort required to access client’s servers has been reduced immensely, meaning that I can access and work on my projects easily and more efficiently.

I would certainly recommend giving CodeAnywhere a go, as even their free plan is more than sufficient for users with a single project.

Some other good options are:


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